How can you tell if a butt plug has a good design?

Butt plugs are hot and super sexy. When it comes to sexual arousal, we mostly think of vaginal or penis stimulation. But, you should also know that your anus too houses several nerve endings. If you stimulate these nerve endings, they will reward you with a sensational orgasm. And a butt plug is just the thing you will need here. The fun part is, a butt plug not only stimulates the anal nerves- in fact, it also stimulates clit and G-spot in women and prostate in men. Put simply, a butt plug is a must-have in your adult toy arsenal.

Are you too planning to buy a butt plug? That’s great but given too many options around, you might be spoilt for choices. Besides, not every plug out there would be suitable for you when you are a beginner. But, no worries- the post below offers a pro guide on how to choose your first butt plug.

Mind the design

There are two most important things in a butt plug- the tip and the base.

Your chosen butt plug should feature a tapered end.  Remember, your anus is not meant for entry, its only function is to release things. So, when you will be using a butt plug, you will be going against the normal functioning mode of anus. It means you will have to face some degree of resistance while inserting something inside your anus. This is why you should look for a toy with tapered end. The tapered design makes insertion easier and assures a convenient entry into the anus. In other words, a tapered end promises smooth frictionless entry and painless stimulation. The anal region is extremely sensitive. Any forceful insertion could damage the skin, nerves and muscles in the region. A tapered plug puts less pressure on sphincter muscles and slides comfortably inside.

In regards to the base, look for a butt plug with flared base. Over-insertion is not uncommon in anal play and the consequences are dangerous. A flared base will prevent risks of over-insertion and keep the plug firmly in place. Moreover, a flared base also makes removal easier.

Check the materials

Butt plugs are available in a wide variety of materials. From glass to silicone to metal to rubber- there are materials galore to choose from. But not every material would be suitable for you. The golden rule here is to choose a material that’s free of Phthalates, body-safe and easier to clean and maintain. Some of the most popular options here are silicone, metal, glass and stainless steel.

Silicone is soft, comfortable, hypoallergenic and a breeze to maintain. On the other hand, if you want a solid girth and thick fullness at the backdoor, count on metal, stainless steel and glass. Moreover, these are waterproof option and excellent for sensuous temperature play.

But, then, don’t forget you are a newbie in the scene. Your anus is still not accustomed to a foreign object. If you force in a tough toy inside, you will only end up damaging your sphincter muscles and the anal nerves. So, beginners should always start with a silicone toy. The material is soft and flexible and hence won’t put much pressure on the anal nerves and muscles. Let your body get acquainted with butt plugs. Once you get accustomed to a silicone butt plug, you can gradually move to harder materials like glass or metal.

Check the size

This is another important tip to remember while getting your butt plug.

The size of the plug plays a big role in determining your level of comfort with the toy. Butt plugs are available in a wide range of sizes. But, you won’t be comfortable with all sizes out there. When you are a beginner, you should always start with a small size. Make sure the diameter of your toy is no more than 1.25”. Large plugs look gorgeous but they are for advanced users. As mentioned previously, you need to season your body before trying out something harder or bigger. Once you get accustomed with a small size, you can eventually move on to a mid-sized or large-sized butt plug.

The best thing here would be to buy a butt plug set. These sets come with plugs in three different sizes- small, medium and large. You can start with the small one and graduate to the mid-sized toy once you reach the intermediate level. And, when you become an advanced user, you can try out the large option. It’s just one set and you are sorted for lifetime.

Would you love pet play?

Do you have a fetish for pet play? Well, if so, you can simply count on butt plugs to give a realistic turn to your pet-play fantasies. The butt plug world has come up with a wide range of butt plug animal tails. From horse to bunny to cat to dog, there is a wide variety to choose from. You will even find butt plugs with raccoon and fox tails. Look for toys made with faux fur. If you prefer to have tails with real animal fur, make sure your chosen toy has used “refused” animal parts only.

Get comparison study

You can’t just order the first butt plug you come across online. As mentioned previously, not all such toys would be suitable for you. The bottom-line is, you have to conduct a thorough market survey before you actually buy your first butt plug. So, make a shortlist of 5-6 small-sized butt plugs. You can check the online sites that list down top butt plugs of the year. After you create your list, you would have to run a comparison study on them to find the most compatible one. The one you choose should be backed by rave reviews and ratings by both experts and users.  

Always make it a point to buy your butt plug or any other sex toy from a reputed adult toy store only. Don’t count on generic retail stores here. Toys offered by adult toy stores promise genuine products and also great quality. Loveplugs have a library of products that also have detailed descriptions, so you can compare which product is the best for you. 

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