How can you tell if a butt plug has a good design?

If you are looking to get a top butt plug, there are so many points you need to consider. One of the most important things about choosing a perfect type is the purpose you’ll use it for. Based on your needs, you can pick from a variety of anal toys, and here, we will go through the most popular types of plugs you can find. 

Butt Plug Types and Designs

If you decided to get a butt plug either for yourself or your partner, the first thing you’ll need to decide is the type to buy. There are dozens of different options to choose from, and each can make you feel great. Choosing the best butt plug is mostly up to your wishes and needs, and we will go through all the sex toys you might encounter in your search. 

The first one we’ll mention is the classic design, and they are probably the most common ones. These are the ones you’ll think of when we mention anal plugs. They have a flared base and are designed to stay inside the rectum once inserted. Classic models are usually made of silicone or latex, but you can find metal and other materials as well. 

Of course, if you are looking for something kinkier, tail butt plugs can be an excellent option. These are perfect for pet play and some other forms of roleplay. The design of the toy is similar to the classic ones, with one difference. Namely, there is a tail attached to the base of the toy, and the most common type is the fox’s tail. 

Princess or jewel plugs are the next entry on the list, and these toys are usually made of metal. On the base of the toy is a gemstone or a jewel. These are great for anyone looking to look fabulous while wearing a butt plug.

Furthermore, you can also find expanding toys that offer a unique design, and instead of that familiar “bullet” shape, they look like a flower once expanded. They look similar to inflatable toys that can change their shape once inserted into the anus. Some of the options on the list also come with vibrators to provide additional stimulation. 

Butt Plugs With a Stopper at the Base

What is interesting is that you can find butt plugs with a stopper at the base. That means the toy itself is hollow, and you can use the stopper to close it. That adds a little something to regular anal play, and you can experiment with it as much as you like. 

You shouldn’t use this opportunity to make margaritas in someone’s butt, though. Whatever you do, you should always remember to use body-safe materials. 

The idea behind this is to allow people to enjoy the view or try something different. You can use water-based lubricants or enemas. The stopper is used to prevent the liquid from leaking out, and you can either close it or leave it open. Most importantly, the base of these toys should be wide to prevent the toy from being lost inside the anal canal. 

The Design Should Match the Needs

But whether you buy a hollow toy, metal, the one with the tail, or jewel, you should make sure that the toy you have perfectly matches your needs. If you and your partner are into pet play, you won’t find anything better than tail plugs. On the other hand, some people might not like these models, and they should search for something different. 

Many people use butt plugs as prostate massagers as well. Some shapes will allow you to stimulate this magical gland specifically. For those looking for something more heavy-duty, metal plugs can be perfect since some models are over five ounces. Since there are so many different shapes, sizes, materials, and nearly everything’s customizable, you should make sure to find the one you will actually use and enjoy. 

What we’re trying to say is that there are so many great plugs available on the market, but the thing is that some might not be good for you. One of the examples is larger toys, which are not suitable for beginners for obvious reasons. So, be sure to do your research and find the toy that you and your partner will enjoy. There is no doubt that you will find the one that’s perfect for your sex life and your kink. 

The Right Materials of Butt Plugs for Beginners and Experienced Users

You might’ve checked your local anal toy store, and you realized that there are so many different materials available. So, how do you pick the right one? If you are inexperienced in anal sex, you should start with silicone toys, preferably the smallest one. Silicone is probably the best material for beginners since you can choose between different firmness levels. Other types like metal or glass are firm and can be a bit unforgiving.

Experienced users, on the other hand, can have as much fun as they want. They probably started with silicone, and might look for something different. Glass or metal toys are incredible for temperature play, they are easy to clean, and won’t break even if you drop them by accident. Naturally, this doesn’t mean that silicone plugs are bad for someone with experience. Many pros are still faithful to their good old silicone butt plugs. In the end, it’s all up to you and your preferences, and you should find something that will make your anal pleasure memorable. Loveplugs has a library of products that have detailed descriptions, so you can compare which product is the best for you. It’s also a good way of making sure you pick the one that you would really enjoy.


For everyone looking to find a perfect toy, they should first think of the way they will use it. That means that inexperienced people should seek something that’s a bit more beginner-friendly, like anal training kits. On the other hand, experienced users already have a pretty good idea of what they like, and they can easily experiment with different shapes, materials, and sizes. Finally, regardless of the type of plug you choose, you should always use a lot of lube.