Ancient Sex Toys as described on paintings

By looking into the title of the article you must be surprised to see how sex toys were popular during ancient times and not everyone is aware of it. Even our ancestors used to engage themselves in sexual activities and they did experiment a lot and this is one thing that has been performed till now as well. You can see that there has been a lot of evolution and modernization of the sex toys but the root remains the same. Humans are using sex toys for a very long time. Even the apes and bonobos used to engage in several sexual plays and there is no surprise in that. 

You will be surprised to know that sex toys were used for more than 30000 years and all the sex toys were made out of stone, crude material, chalk and many more. Even dildos and vibrators were very popular at that time and people did think it to be a very important part for both males and females and which is why sex toys were made both the female and male pleasure. 

It’s quite disappointing to know that nowadays no one would understand the need for female orgasm or understand human sexuality the way it did in ancient times. For several centuries sexual pleasure has been a very sensitive topic and it was given equal priority. Some people used to insert breadsticks as a replacement of dildos at that time. So ancient history, people were quite progressive in this sector and which is why we can see a lot of improvisation in today’s world.

Introduction and evolution of sex toys

Sex toys were introduced in ancient history and it has gone through a lot of evolution. Even the Egyptians used the layers of the ripe banana along with the camel feces to serve as the sexual aid. Many historians still believe that humanity was very innocent and naive the entire time. This mindset is quite prevalent in the current society as well. In the prehistoric age, you can see that the sex toys were made from stone, antlers and ivory and the ancient people were not entirely clueless about sex and they have been experimenting a lot.

You can also get the reference to sex toys in the art of ancient Greek. Ancient Greek has been influencing the field of politics, culture, and art and not everyone will expect them to have a huge influence in the field of sex toys. Even modern sex toys are very much influenced by the structure or the model of ancient sex toys and you can find a lot of resemblance between them. The sex toys that were available during ancient times very were creative and no one would think that certain things can work in a certain way when it comes to sex.

Why sex toys were painted in several ancient paintings? 

We all know that paintings have a lot of stories to tell about everything, especially ancient times. When the historians or the normal people look into a painting they can know a lot about that time when the painting was done. In the ancient paintings, you can see that people have a portrait of the use of sex toys to make modern people know that it was quite normal at that time is well. Even when you will look into the ancient paintings you can see that the sex toys that are used today were also used at that time.

There are several places where one can see a lot of painting or art sculptures of people having sex and it was portrait perfectly. So sex was not a taboo at that time and people were very experimental and it can be clearly understood from the images that were curated at that time. 

Moreover, the people were very much open about sex between same-sex and opposite sexes as well. A lot of sexual concept or sexual activities that are performed now was also performed at that time and it is very clear from the ancient paintings.

Different types of sex toys used in ancient history

  • Cock ring made from goat’s eyelid: This is one of the most popular and one of the odd sex toys in history and many people label it as a phenomenally disgusting sex toy. The main principle of using the goat eyelid is it will be used for forming a circle of skin along with the eyelashes that will be attached to it and one can use it as a penis ring to stimulate an erection. This sex toy was originated during the time of the Jing and Song dynasty in China.
  • Bird Sperm Ball: In the ancient history of China it was called evident that sex toys were frequently used and were a part of their culture. They were using sex toys which were very surprising even to modern readers. Cantonese groin is one of the most unique types of sex toy which has a shape of a penis and was used by the peasant women as the dildo. You can say that they were using Burmese balls which were very weird. Even in the Ming Dynasty, you can see the use of tiny ball-shaped object or bells which were made of gold and copper and it contained the sperm of Burmese bird. It uses the sperm of Burmese bird because they were famous for their sexual appetite. It was said that if men can insert the small balls in their penis then they will be able to enjoy the sex more.
  • Vulture’s lung: According to an ancient Roman writer it was said that this was used as a cure because it was a type of cross between an aphrodisiac and a sex toy. The lung of a vulture was used and it was attached to the crane’s body and hence it can act powerfully on the male as it is going to be a stimulant. If will also have the same effect on the opposite gender as well.
  • Bread Dildos: Yes, you heard it right even the Greek people in ancient times knew how can have a great time on a strict budget as well. They used olisbokollix or you can say dildos which were made from bread. So one can say that they used bread or break stick dildos to gain everyday pleasure. It was also used for satisfying the sexual hunger of females.
  • Buzzing bees: No one could imagine how buzzing bees can be used as a vibrator. Well, Cleopatra created the very first vibrator by using buzzing bees and filled them in a gourd. You might think of it as a joke but it has a lot of truth and it will create a lot of imagination in your mind. Apart from that, Cleopatra also used some lacquered wood or stone dildos. It was recorded that Julius Caesar also gifted Cleopatra a penis sculpture that was made of ornate gold.
  • Vibrator powered by steam: This is a new concept and even in ancient times vibrating devices were invented. The surprising part is some of the vibrators were operated by using steam and it became very popular during 1869. Women had to take strict precautions because if they overuse it then it could have caused a lot of problems. It was an artificial way of stimulating genitals. It was also used as a device for curing several diseases.
  • Butt plugs:Even butt plugs were very popular at that time because people were aware that one can insert things into the rectum of a person. In 1982 it was developed and it was known as a rectal dilator. For about 40 years all these Victoria butt plugs got sold across the United States and many believed that it was also used as the medical device.
  • Blow up dolls:Blow up dolls were the lady substitute which was used during the 17th century. They resembled women and several versions were manufactured afterward that can easily imitate ejaculation as well.

These are some of the famous sex toys that were used for a very long time and all the sex toys that are available today are just an updated version of all the toys. Many people who had the misconception that sex toys are the invention of modern-day will be surprised to know how ancient people they treated sex and also considered sex toys to be an important part of their life. Apart from weapons, fire, clothing and other necessities of ancient times, they also considered sex toys to be a durable invention. There are several sex toys whose origin is ridiculously ancient. You can also say that the historical men and women were very progressive in the field of sex and were also light years ahead of the present generation in the department of pleasure. You can see that sex toys invented for both men and women.