Personal Story: Why I collect erotic paintings

Everybody has a passion for either doing something or collecting something. This hobby for anything makes a person’s life worthwhile. They feel rejuvenated and fresh by collecting or living that dream. Some people have unusual hobbies. One of those unusual hobbies is collecting erotic art. This erotic art either comes in various aspects. Some are sculpted, others are carvings and paintings also. Some of the temples ad caves are also equipped with erotic idols.

I have that unusual hobby of collecting erotic paintings. I do not recall the time of this hobby generation, but some vague ideas persist in my mind. I found this attractive ad mesmerizing. At an early age, we started visiting some of the historical monuments on which carvings are done of erotic postures. That lured my mind towards this in a major aspect.

Throughout my adolescent and in present also, I am quite lured towards erotic paintings. It gives me a sense of satisfaction by just seeing them. The possession of those makes me content. Repeated study of those paintings enables me to grasp the supposed thinking of painter.

History of erotic arts

The history of erotic arts and painting is quite vivid. It takes a lot of time to get a hold of that. There were numerous instances of erotic art in history, which makes it special and rebellion stuff. These are the researches which have a whole lot of understanding about the presence of these type of collectors. Though the presence of these types of paintings and sculpture are from historic time. These following four are the most important description of erotic arts or painting in the historical society.

  • One of the oldest and historical examples of erotic arts which consist of cave carvings mainly is in Paleolithic caves. Some of the artifacts which are discovered in Mesopotamia depict the erotic art presence in the historical world. It shows the vivid culture as well as the presence of serene thought process people at that time.
  • The ancient Egyptian formal art is not related to sexual intercourse erotic arts, but there are sketches of heterosexual sex found in the form of pottery and graffiti.
  • The history of Greeks is also filled with these erotic arts as they mainly painted sexual scenes on ceramics. The most famous depictions of gay sex relations are being found in this Greek history only. The wall of ruined Roman buildings of Pompeii is the most famous example
  • There is a vivid culture if erotic painting in the eastern world. Specifically, in Japan, there was a time when Shunga appeared and gained popularity throughout from the 13th century. After the invention of photography, the popularity of Shunga diminished a lot. Japan has also evolved and technological advancement made the traditional approach low.

Reasons behind my collecting habits

Due to some of the societal norms which give a very judgmental thought towards all those who have a unique passion or hobby. The same happened in my case also. After some of the comments, I introspected and found the following reasons for my collecting habit of erotic paintings. 

  • Some invest in erotic paintings just for making benefit financially, but for me, I love the work of the different artists. Being a nominal earlier, I tried to buy the original piece of art but if that comes with a hefty cost then a print of that also satisfies me.
  • Majorly, I like to collect fine arts pieces, illustrations, and sketches which include artist book also. The graphic novel also attracts me. 
  • Being a collector of erotic arts, I am supporting the artist. It makes me show my appreciation for the happiness they provide us.
  • There is not a single scenario in which you can tell that hobby of collecting these acts as taboo for society.
  • I collect those erotic paintings as these show that artists feel ad see things others cannot imagine. This helps me to grasp the monopoly of the artist.
  • The cost of each erotic painting lies between nominal to maximum. This is more of an investment as well as a thing that soothes my soul. It may provide a hefty amount if it is only utilized as an investment.

No contrast between pornography and erotic arts or painting

After getting much judgment and comments by society, I have decided to clear the air will make both of them poles apart. Let’s get a detailed idea about both of them:

  • Pornography’s being principally a money-making task, the very phrase pornography nearly continually means positive exploitation at times degradation of human sexuality. Writers have rightfully complained that pornography, by objectifying women, reduces them to intercourse items whose matter of fact is to fulfill a man’s wishes. Pornography is different from this hobby some of the people readily combine these both and gives a judgment that I don’t care. 
  • I believe that the collection of erotic paintings enables me to do more than that. Pornography is related to songs and images. In turn, it brings only physical intimacy. Pornography is different as it may express all the emotions, affection and love nut it makes them like an animal.
  • This hobby of collecting artifacts is also a good preference. But it does not provide a stimulus just like pornography does. It includes aesthetic sense. Our judgment is quite uneven as we sometimes want to consider humans. The humans are maybe portrayed as contemporary, but ultimately the last laugh will come from the artist who paints them. Though the drive for collecting all those are good and I am going to carry it further.

Renowned personalities who collects exotic paintings

  • Don Sanders– He is an investment manager. He possesses the largest collection of erotic paintings. His collection is worth US$7 million. He has 10000 artworks in total. He is also a philanthropist who has a long lost friend who works in different fields. He also encourages the young talent of photographers. It constitutes nudes by Richard Avedon, Robert Mapplethorpe, Lucien Clergies, Jack Sturgis, long-time friends David Levinthal, and Helmut Newton; and thousands of prints acquired from the Playboy archive. These are some of the notable erotic paintings of the world. The investment it needs is hefty.
  • Amy Phelan– She is more of an “heartthrob”. She is also a collector and philanthropist. She and her husband both are majorly attached to these works. Their collection is kinky and out of the box. Their collection of erotic arts is also known as the celebration of the sexual side of life. Being a female, she broke the barrier and accepts what she liked and being honest.
  • Thomas koerfe- Heis a filmmaker and an avid art collector. He believes that sexuality is the core of all things. It denotes all aspects of life. A selection of his property which was shown at the Berlin museum for the exhibition “Stripped Bare: The Body Revealed in Contemporary Art” back in 2007. According to him those photographs are explicit, but display all the curves. The collection is quite vivid and provides a mesmerizing view. 

These three are the most important and massive collectors for erotic paintings. The hobby is unique. I am looking forward to getting a visit to give them a look.

Due to these personalities, I get strength and keep on collecting these artifacts and paintings. These provide a unique level of satisfaction which provides pleasure. For me, this is more than my hobby as I relate to this. The thinking of different painters who painted those pieces are of par quality.

A unique experience of societal thinking

Here I am going to share all the details about when my colleagues got to know about my hobby. One evening I invited one of my colleagues for dinner. She came and got awestruck by my collections of erotic paintings. Though she is literate enough to give it thinking or accepting it, she asked me a lot of questions regarding this. She didn’t tell me directly, but pervert is the first thing which her face shows. Without giving any feedback she went. The other day we got to know about the whole story.

That day I realized, some taboo makes people uncomfortable. Though it is not a taboo fully. Rather than that, it is some kind of belief process which makes me engaged with these erotic paintings.

You cannot change societal thinking at once, but gradually you will be able to make them understand. From my perspective, I have a passion and I want to pursue it by not just collecting it. The one thing which I had to understand the long way, no to give up your likings just by the comments of some people. If you are feeling sustained and content, then everything is viable and good.

With this, I am wrapping up my experience. I am keeping this habit intact and also going to collect as much as possible I can. Keeping the cool throughout is important without giving much attention to the comments of society.