Who We Are

Daniela Evans

Dan has been with us since the beginning. Wherever there are showrooms for erotic art, you can always see him lurking around and appreciating some dramatic presentation of breasts and penises.

Dawn LeBlanc

She works as a part-time art curator while documenting her experiences on this blog. Dawn has always believed that human anatomy is an art itself and that more people should see it in its purest form.

Bryce Park

There are not many erotic art exhibits in Korea, but he aims to change this. He is currently an editor for halfdozengallery.com, but in his spare time, he researches on how to bring more erotic art appreciation to his country.

Jake Bean
Junior Writer

Jake may be the newest member of the team, but we think that he has art knowledge more than any of us combined. We rely on his expertise when it comes to hard to find artworks, and he relies on his officemates for dating advice.