Going Beyond the Norm with Animal Dildos

In a day and age where all kinds of kinks and fetishes are well-known, some remain taboo. Not that this wasn’t the case with the now accepted ones, but these are a bit more uncommon than the rest. And no, they’re not some illegal, dark, and shady stuff — they’re just exclusive to a small percentage of folks.

So now that we’ve got that legal-illegal talk out of the way, we’ll go about our business. Our business here is — animal sex fetishes. Yeah, some people get off fantasizing about all kinds of real and mythical creatures fucking them mercilessly.

Even if it may sound weird to some people, it’s actually not that new. If we go back to old myths and stories from both ancient Egyptian, Greek, and Roman civilizations, we’ll notice that animals and sex were a big combo back then. Of course, these animals and epic beasts had certain other values for the stories, but you can’t deny people fantasized about them even then.

Therefore, it’s not that strange that some people have a preference toward different animals. With a big and blossoming sex toy industry we have nowadays, it’s easy to understand why they market animal-style dildos and vibrators. We all know actual sex with animals isn’t acceptable, so getting a toy resembling a canine or dragon dong is what people settle for.

Of course, it’s important to emphasize that these people don’t want sex with animals. They just want a fantasy with a toy modeled in that style. Keeping this in mind will help resolve this article further down the line. Yeah, it might get a bit far-fetched, but that’s the way it goes around here, people!

Horse Dildos

We’ll start with something an average person could actually understand. Horses are rather powerful animals people tamed a long time ago. Their presence is dominant everywhere, as they served as faithful companions to the folk heroes of past times. Aside from these admirable tropes, horses pack some serious meat between their hind legs.

They have a bit of a different shape than your regular human penis, but they are a lot larger. Hence, their sex toy representations follow these traits and offer almost realistic horse dick simulations. They’re rather heavy on the user, so lots of lubrication is a must. A stallion will rip you apart if you opt to give him a chance. 

Dog Dildos

Canine dildos are a rather unique bunch of sex toys. Have you ever seen two dogs on top of each other stuck not moving?

Well, yeah, that’s the whole trick. Dogs have additional muscles above their testicles that enlarge during an orgasm. Their purpose is not to allow the female to escape imminent fertilization.

So to be as realistic as possible, canine dildos come with a big bulge above their ball sack. They’re understandably smaller than the horse ones, but they don’t lack in the length department.

Thus, in case you get turned on by a thought of having some canine sex, try a dog dildo instead!

Octopus Dildos

Now, this one’s kind of really weird. If you’ve ever seen a Japanese porn game or a hentai video, you might have noticed their fascination with tentacles and creatures similar to octopuses. Well, this type of dildo is kind of inspired by those concepts. If you’re into it — check them out!

Testicle dildos come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, but they mostly resemble a wild octopus limb with bulges all over it. They come in different body-safe materials, like silicone or glass. All in all, they look f-ing cool and pack a serious oriental kinky punch.

Elephant Dildos

We’re going places now, so elephant dick territory, here we come! Jokes aside, elephants are enormous creatures — hence, their penises are too. Elephant dildos come in two main types — a penis-shaped and a trunk-looking dildo.

If you’re into this kind of stuff, you’ve probably seen some animal dildo porn featuring an elephant dildo. As you know, they’re massive animals. So to fit them inside you, you’ll need to prepare yourself step by step. Also, adding lots of lubrication is essential if you don’t want to end up with a torn-up vagina or anus.

You need to be careful with them as they’re not petite at all.

Dragon Dildos

If, by any chance, you’re an epic fantasy kind of person, you’ll be ecstatic to know that sex toys got you covered in that department too. Dildos made to resemble the huge, winged, and fire-breathing mythical creatures are a big hit with animal sex toy enthusiasts. Of course, these toys won’t burn you, but they’ll split your ass in two if you allow them to.

The now-famous bad dragon dildos come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. They are pretty colorful and have curvy textures all over them. Some even feature a glowing sack of balls that looks like it’ll burst in flames. So in case you’re a fan of Game of Thrones, and you’re into fucking big dildos, you’ll love to own one of these. 

Duck Dildos

Lastly, we’d like to add something a bit goofier. Aside from your powerful horses and flame-breathing dragons, animal dildos also have their duck versions.

Yeah, that’s right. Duck dildos are a thing, and some people are crazy about them. Well, they don’t actually represent real duck-like dicks; they’re more of funny-looking cartoon ducks.

Even if they look silly, duck dildos are awesome. They are colorful and come in all shapes and sizes. This makes them a great bonus asset in your sex toy collection. If used in a fitting situation, they sure can make your masturbating session one to remember.

Hence, if you’re up for some fun and laughs, be sure to try a duck dildo!

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