How to Transform Your Nudes Into Modern Erotic Art

Seeing how far modern technology has come, it’s no wonder we apply it to almost every aspect of our daily lives. From working remotely during the pandemic to ordering and buying products from all over the world, it’s all possible thanks to the internet. However, we’re not here to talk about dull and mundane things; we’re here to delve into modern dating. Thanks to our smartphones and apps, hooking up has never been easier.

Tinder, Badoo, and similar apps allow us to meet new people, no matter where and who we are. Although finding a partner on one of these dating apps won’t always work, most social interactions on them end in sexting — sending messages, nudes, or even short videos of sexual content. Unfortunately, not everyone can make their nude selfie a work of art and win over the person they’re talking to.

But lucky you! Our article aims to help you transform your nude photos into fine art with a couple of easy tips and tricks. Don’t worry — you don’t need to be an artistic soul yourself to understand how to make sexually explicit photos more than simple porn. So strap up and hold tight because we’re going for a ride.

Why Do We Take Nude Photos?

Taking nude photos is nothing new. Both men and women have enjoyed participating in erotic photography for years now. However, back when there were no cameras, people would depict their sexual desires in drawings, paintings, and sculptures. However, since almost everyone has a smartphone with high-end cameras nowadays, it’s easy as one, two, three.

Posing nude was a big thing in the 20th century. Unfortunately, society in those days wasn’t appreciative of such sexual expressions. However, ever since the sexual revolution of the ’60s, the taboos surrounding this subject matter have disappeared. We’re freer to indulge in nude art and various kinky sex acts.

On the other hand, sharing nudes is much easier than stripping in front of someone you barely know. You see, sexting also occurs between people who’re just beginning their intimate relationship. Hence, seeing how your potential partner will react to your nude body before you end up in bed with them can help make eventual contact much easier.

And when you combine easy-to-use technology (cameras) and the comfort of taking your clothes off while alone at home, you’ve got a winning combo. However, why would you make erotic nude photos to start with? Is such content necessary to make an impact on your potential lover? Let’s see.

Why Turn Your Photos Into Erotic Art?

Firstly, it’s important to explain that erotic art is much more than nudity and porn. Erotic art is a broad spectrum of visuals in various mediums. From photography to film, sexual content can find its home almost anywhere. Some of the most famous pieces of art delve into this subject and remain staples of fine art history.

In essence, erotic art aims to have some deeper meaning. It’s a way to present various ideas such as body positivity, breaking conventions, and self-acceptance. Nevertheless, erotic art is a great way to make a simple mirror selfie more interesting too. So if you’re into sending nudes, there’s no reason not to explore something more erotic.

Not only will you make yourself more desirable, but you’ll also show your potential lover that you’re something more than a sex object. Of course, if that’s what your partner expects, maybe it’s time you rethink your relationship. Either way, in a world full of same-looking Instagram posts, incorporating eroticism into your photos can help you stand out from the crowd and shine the spotlight on yourself.

Therefore, we’ve come up with some basic tips to enrich your nudes. You don’t need to be artistic or a professional to make your mark. The key to great erotic art is subtlety and subversion. Moreover, it’s pretty different from a simple dick pic or a busty underboob that’s screaming for attention.

Simple Tricks to Make Erotic Nude Art

We’ll list a couple of tips you can use to make your photos a bit more interesting. No matter whether you’re sending nudes or waiting for someone to view your post on Instagram, you’ll benefit either way. Also, it’s important to mention that your age won’t matter since both old and young people can find these tricks useful (except if you’re a minor). So feel free to check the ideas below.

Showing Body Flaws

You see, art shouldn’t always aim to present something perfect. Since none of us are, feeling free to show off both your good and bad sides can be more than beneficial. Therefore, we suggest you explore your body and find something beautiful in what you think is your flaw or even defect. If you think about it, the fashion industry is full of unconventionally beautiful people shot in cool clothes or weird poses.


Incorporating glasses and books can always look sexy. There’s no need to explain how attractive nerdy people can look in a good pose. Hence, we suggest you come up with an unorthodox composition that will involve some literature. For example, covering your nipples or crotch with some classic piece of literotica can prove to be more than enough to help others notice you.

Artistic Poses

This one’s a bit of a stretch, but we can’t help but mention it. Namely, incorporating artistic poses while nude is a smart way of making quality erotic art. So how do you pull it off? Well, you can take inspiration from classic art and try to recreate some piece while naked, suggesting something more than a simple homage to art history. It can be a lot of fun, so you should at least think about it.

Showing Tattoos

If you have some cool body art, you can always use it for erotic photography. No matter where on your body they are, tattoos will help enrich your pic in no time. For instance, looking provocatively at the lens while sticking your tongue out just above your tattoo can make even the coldest of hearts turn into fire.

No Rules

Lastly, we feel the need to say that great art doesn’t follow patterns and rules. If it did, we’d be stuck with the same old that you’re looking to move away from. Moreover, erotica is meant to break the rules, not abide by them. To make your nudes worth a look at — experiment with everything and anything.