The best erotic art these days? It’s on instagram

Where can you find the best erotic art these days? It’s on Instagram! But why is it so popular, and does the platform even allow it? Let’s find out!

If you are a sexual person, you are most likely a fan of erotic art and pornography. Where is the best erotic art these days? It’s on Instagram! Let’s examine how Instagram deals with erotic content and show you why erotic art is so popular on the platform today!

Instagram and its strict community guidelines

It’s no secret that many of us are Peeping Toms on Instagram. We often use it to “stalk” other people’s lives. Of course, not everyone is guilty of this. Still, it’s a major reason why social media is so popular. Instagram has also become a hub for all things related to erotica, even with its strict guidelines.

Regarding rules, Instagram has a strict no-porn policy. Users are not allowed to share pornographic content or ask for it. However, the platform permits sex-positive content. This is one reason why many Instagram profiles are full of NSFW photos, videos, and drawings of partially nude models.

The platform has a “no nipple” or “no nudity” policy but still allows erotic content. That’s one of the things that enable you to end up scrolling through hundreds of photos of models or verified porn stars in thongs and even latex bodysuits. Butt shots, cleavage, provocative positions, and things like BDSM equipment are all common occurrences. The guidelines also allow artists to share illustrations with subtle erotic connotations or portray sex acts in great detail. However, it’s not so simple.

Sneaking erotic art on instagram

Seeking out erotic art on this social platform produces a special kind of voyeurism. Primarily, the users are given a much more intimate interaction with the artist. This is because artists always post their content through their personal Instagram accounts. That way, we get a glimpse into their personality and their daily lives.

One example of this is @franceswaite or Frances Waite. She shared a black and white illustration of a semi-nude woman on a couch. The drawing is incredibly similar to a selfie the artist took in her bedroom. The two images are connected, and that’s how they fuel our sexual desires.

Moreover, @nataliejhane or Natalie Krim is another artist who posts seductive illustrations along with partially nude selfies. Illustrator Riya Hamid who uses the handle @riyahamid states that this approach emphasizes the context in the artist’s work. Hamid believes that Instagram erotic art makes the viewer feel like they are much more intimately involved with the artist compared to other mediums.

This connection makes Instagram an essential marketing platform for most artists today. It enables them to promote art or even sell it directly through IG. Unfortunately, there is no consistency in the rules regarding erotic art. The platform’s guidelines are actually vague. That is, the artists never know if their work will violate them.

Why erotic artists are invading instagram

Currently, Instagram’s popularity is soaring due to the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result of social distancing and other safety measures, most art galleries are closed. This means that fans don’t have a chance to see erotic art in person.

Moreover, Instagram is one of the most used platforms for artists and art lovers because of its design and interface. Instagram is mainly a visual platform, and it allows users to share socially-engaging galleries. It’s also incredibly simple to use and appears to be tailor-made for each user. For example, it uses special algorithms to bring you suggested content that matches your interests. Because of all that, it provides a wide reach to artists, and that’s why it’s so popular.

The risk, is it worth it?

The reason why it’s still possible to see illustrations of sexual acts, genitals, and nude models is they are essentially counted as works of art that are “artistic or creative in nature.” 

That is also the reason why erotic art on Instagram is such a controversial subject. Some artists can share kinky sex acts and get away with it, while others who draw a bra or censor a model’s nipples with eggplants can get their accounts deleted.

Part of the reason is the unusual removal process. The image removal process mostly consists of user-based reports. Even if artists share erotic art that conforms to the guidelines, they can still get banned if someone feels provoked by the art and reports them. Artists like @Alphachanneling can share psychedelic erotic art with magical vaginas and colorful drawings of butts, penises, penetration, and orgies and still get away with it. However, if someone flags those images, the artist will suffer.

Essentially, all artists face the same risks that can destroy their profile and community. It takes a long time to form an IG community and gain thousands of followers. Nevertheless, it seems that these new communities are paving the way for art in the digital age. They connect the artist with art lovers, curators, buyers, and whole communities. Unfortunately, those communities can disappear in a flash if someone flags them down.