What Is It Like Being a Nude Model

The human body is beautiful. There’s no doubt about it. And if you agree with me, you might have thought about becoming a nude model. It is a unique and exciting experience, and I’ve been doing it for years. Here, I will go through some of the most common questions I’ve encountered about my profession.

How Did You Become a Nude Model?

The first thing I did was undress, and here I am. All jokes aside, becoming a nude model can be challenging. Naturally, you need to figure out what kind of model you want to become. That is, you have to decide between photography and painting.

When I first started, I needed extra cash, and my friend told me that a local art school was looking for a nude model. After doing it a couple of times, I realized that I really enjoyed the whole process. It felt comfortable, and I had no trouble posing nude.

Art students are incredible, and it is probably the best way to start your nude career, especially if you are having doubts about it. That way, you will know that those paintings won’t reach a wide audience. Also, students are more focused on making a good painting than on your naked body.

For them, it is just another class, which is something that I needed at the moment. They didn’t care about anything except the right colors, techniques, and shadows. I soon realized that it is something I enjoyed and that I could find a way to reach the next stage of nude modeling — photography for a wider audience.

Does It Get Boring?

It mostly depends on the person. If you are posing for a painting, it can get rather dull after a while. Naturally, you won’t be standing in the same position for a couple of hours, and it is usually sets of 20 minutes or similar. Art classes are also great because you can pose regardless of your age or whether you are a female or male model.

Photography, on the other hand, is a lot more dynamic, and it rarely gets boring. Ladies try out different types of make-up, hairstyles, and it can be so much fun. And with the right photographer, it will be nothing but pleasure, and a great way to create art.

Does Your Family Know About Your Job?

The main problem many models face is their families and how to break the news to them. It sounds like a nightmare, and many are afraid of what their parents might think, especially if their parents are conservative.

When I first started modeling, I felt no desire to share this hobby with them, since it was just a way to earn quick cash. But when it became serious, I decided to tell them. Now, I share almost everything with my parents, so they were quite supportive, and I had no problems with it whatsoever.

But I understand that not every situation is like mine, and that it might be scary for other people. Needless to say, I am still pretty sure that my parents would be happier had I become an engineer or a doctor. But they still supported me every step of the way.

Do You Think Your Artists or Photographers Get Turned On?

An artist or photographer can get turned on while doing this sort of art. If they are the opposite sex (or same, no judging here), it seems normal for that to happen. But it does not happen often — it actually does not happen at all with most artists. They are usually too occupied with their shots or canvas to focus on the nude figure before them.

Whether you are a painter or a photographer, your main goal and primary focus is to create art. Photographers need to have good light, make-up, pose, angle, and then, there are other problems like picking the right objective, flash, and so on.

And even when they take a photo, they still need to review them, do some editing, retouching, and countless other things I don’t really understand. So, even if you think that they are focused on your naked body, that is probably the last thing on their minds. And let’s be honest, they wouldn’t last long in a world of photography if they were creeps.

How Do You Maintain Your Body?

Work hard, train, and eat healthily. I firmly believe that if you are a model, your body is your tool. The same way you would take care of your car if you were a racer or how musicians care for their instruments.

You need to be fit and look good. Of course, that applies to the type of photography and modeling I’m into. Some wonderful artists and models are looking for something else, and that’s fine too. You need to ask yourself what kind of modeling you want to pursue, and then work until you achieve your goals.

What Are the Misconceptions About Being a Nude Model?

The first one is probably related to artists perceiving their models as sexual objects. For laymen, it might seem exciting to have beautiful people posing naked in front of you, but nude art modeling is so much more.

Furthermore, artists work very hard to hide the truth from the viewers or audience. And the truth is it can be tiring. Holding the pose for a long time is challenging, but all the photographs you’ve ever seen look so casual. “Hey, look! I’m mowing my lawn naked!” But in reality, there are hours of work invested in each photo set.

It can also be quite rewarding. Even though the photographers and painters are the real artists out there, you can’t help but feel proud of your work. In the end, you still contributed somehow, and you were a part of the art-making process. And for me, that’s the special part.

Finally, it is a real job, it is different than pornography, and it’s nothing to be ashamed of.

Does It Pay Well?

It could. Based on how good you are, and how invested you are in the whole process, that is. If you visit an art school every couple of weeks, then it won’t be enough. I started like that, but as I mentioned, for me, it was just for the extra cash.

But if you want to be successful and good at it, you need to focus on the work and start doing it full-time. The more gigs you have, the more money you’ll earn. It’s as simple as that. Once you create a name for yourself and become known in the art circles, you might expect to earn more money.

Moreover, erotic art and erotic photography will earn you a lot more. Art classes are a great way to start, but if you really want to become successful and make a living out of it, you will need to move on. Once you are more comfortable with the whole process, you can start posing for photographers and making something incredible.