Press Release

Half Dozen is pleased to present Southeastern Lights by Gary Wiseman. Through video and installation Gary Wiseman is exploring the comment John Cage made once when asked to define the term “Artist”. He stated “Someone who pays attention”.

The installations juxtaposing elements, grass, sound, light, water, and ink are quit and yet encompassing. Much like Wiseman himself the work is luring and pulling without being overwhelmingly directional. Southeastern Lights delves the viewer into a comprehensive experience by titillating the visual cortex, awakening the olfactory systems, delighting our auditory receptors, as well as, our tactile responses. Wiseman has set forth to create a fully immersing experience.

Gary was born on Mt. Tabor in S.E. Portland. He left Portland in 1995 to live in Australia and returned to Portland in 2003 where he has been living and working ever since. Wiseman has exhibited and performed in Australia, Canada, New York and Portland and has completed projects for Reed Arts Week, the Reed College Cooley Memorial Gallery, The Regional Arts and Culture Council (RAAC), Flux Factory (NY) and the Portland Institute For Contemporary Art (PICA). In May 2010 he co-founded the Settlement, a collection of galleries in the Pioneer Place Mall. Now Gary is focusing on his own work and art career.

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