Moving, Informing, Assimilating:: A Performative Experience

Devised by Richard Decker
August 24, 2011
Performances begins at 6:23pm, 7:22pm & 8:24pm 

Space is limited so please contact to reserve your place for the 6:23, 7:22, & 8:24 showings.

H/D +Projects are proud to present Point++Touch, a Performative Experience Devised by: Richard Decker with limited space and a chance to create a direct experience which turns the viewer into dancer and dancer into participant. Point++Touch is a visual amalgamation of dance and metaphysics, string theory and movement. Blurring the lines between performer, participant and viewer Decker purposes an interesting platform to perceive modern dance.

As Half/Dozen is proud to continue it’s Performance series we have picked up right where we left off. With Richard Decker’s interactive performances he will ask us, how we touch one another while in proximity? How can directing our consciousness play a role in what we perceive? Practiced movers will work with layers of parameters to open, direct, & renew consciousness in the space.