Side Tangled Side Tangled Side Tangled Side Tangled Side Tangled Side Tangled Side Tangled Side Tangled

An Installation by Tim Mahan

November 30th, 2009, 7pm-10pm

H/D +Projects is pleased to welcome the installation work of artist Tim Mahan. His new piece Side Tangled creates a twisted boundary with a seemingly endless amount of yellow utility rope. Draping and coiling from the ceiling, the rope draws attention to the vertical dimension of the space, dividing the room into two unequal halves.

Side Tangled challenges the idea of conventional boundaries. What good is a dividing line if it doesn’t really keep you on one side or the other? In the same vein, the work is playful, drawing upon the childish act of taping off half of a room to halt an argument. This tangled border is permeable and is meant to be crossed. In fact, it beckons you to cross its coils and discover the view from the other side.

Tim Mahan was born in Michigan and has lived throughout the Midwest, residing primarily in Indianapolis and Chicago. Mahan received a BA in sculpture and printmaking from Taylor University in 2006. Tim’s curatorial work began in Chicago where he was the Assistant Director of NavtaSchulz Gallery from 2006 to 2008. Recently he has taken the role of director at Half/Dozen Gallery in Portland, OR. Tim continues to make artwork and curate exhibitions while residing in Portland, OR