Drone Kitsch, 2012, digital animation derived from electronic video produced during a residency at the Experimental Television Center in Owego, NY, May 2011

Silent running, the Prius of predators, the drone is (ob)seen and not heard. This is retro-chic for the nostalgic kill-bot, machine readable stylizations of lingering UFO lore.


Erganomie Theories, 2012, black box device, Pepper’s ghost, portable media player, digital animation

Collapsed pictograms provide a tacky visuallexicon for socializing the naked brain to the perverse convergence of the rules of engagement and the principles of ergonomics.


Polterzeitgeist, 2010, 9 minute video derived from live performance/monologue The haunted housing market is in ruins.

In this video, ghosts, poltergeists and other liminal beings are explicitly scrutinized in terms of their own hypothetically imperiled security in a networked economy.


Cracked Memex, 2012, desk retrofit with audio patchbay, incoming audio-visual feeds, monitor, contextual datums

Inspired by the well-known innovation of Dr. Vannevar Bush. The marvelous “memory extender,” born obsolete, never made it past vaporware. The Metaphortean variant extends the mental capacities of the conspiratorial thinker. A cybernetic device, it augments the internal mechanics of synchresis, activating an interface of malfunction within the human mind.


Derelict Dirigibles, 2011, 9 minute video, musical score composed by Randy Mckean. Commissioned by Mission Eye/Ear with funding from Alternative Exposure Program of Southern Exposure, San Francisco, CA

Residuals Roswellian, or otherwise alienated, are liminal endorsements of a second hand gift economy, fashioned by off-world e-cycling initiatives.


Derelict Dirigibles, 2012, 19-page printed magazine

A swarm-formation of speculative texts: para-academic theory fiction, hint fiction, flash fiction, poems and other visual stimuli, organized under the aegis of Drone Kitsch. This anthology includes material from: Zack Denfeld, Carl Diehl, Heidi Diehl, Wythe Marschall, Mack McFarland, The Metaphortean Researcher and Weird-Fiction.