Press Release

Half/Dozen is pleased to present If I Were You: An Apology From Myself To Myself by Gabe Flores. Teetering between obligation and choice, this installation explores a personal narrative that is both in transition and stationary.

Flores felt he never had a choice; he did exactly what he had to do, but this didn’t free him from the regret, guilt, pride, angst, vanity that is felt from such actions. If anything, these responses become the necessary byproducts that helped to set up the direction of his story. Flores is continually negotiating between the transitional nature of his proposed story, and how it always seems to be stationary. It would appear as if he had a choice in what he has done, but without all the variables out in the open, it is all an illusion.

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Gabe Flores’ work often deals with his reflections on identity-based ideologies and personal narrative. His current and near future work explores displacement as well as social/cultural navigation and he works in whatever medium he feels will best help him exemplify his pursuit. Flores received a BS in Sociology, Political Science, and History with a minor in Psychology from Portland State University and has pursued some graduate studies in English and History at the same institution. Flores is a Curator and Director of Place and Settlement in Portland, OR