Press Release

Half/Dozen Left Right is pleased to present two group shows, Leave Your Door Open and Keep ‘em Coming: A Gallery Group Show. As the first two shows to fill our new spaces, Leave Your Door Open offers a glimpse into H/D’s new direction while Keep ‘em Coming includes work from the roster artists and points to where we are coming from.

Keep ‘em Coming is the third annual gallery roster group show. This year brings together small-works from the seven H/D roster artists, highlighting some of the quieter elements of each of their practices. A small painting from John Berry hits at the core of themes presented in his larger work, while Grant Hottle’s sketches give insight into how his work develops. Laura Mackin has presented a photograph of small still lives of an ever changing nightstand. Lisa Kowalski’s 10”x10” painting shows the intimate power of her surface and Artur Silva’s new video piece continues his appropriation of collected images and sounds. Finally, Calvin Ross Carl’s new pieces point to the ever changing nuances in his work.

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