Point++Touch, +Projects, August 24, 2011

Why Not? Why Stop?, +Projects, December 31, 2010


Richard Decker enjoys various formats for exploration. His fascination with the world led first to science culminating in a bachelor of chemical engineering degree. Along the way, he was drawn to performance as a thruway to sense. He has studied on scholarship at Merce Cunningham studio, become a Pilates guide incorporating deep physical awareness influenced by ideas of M. Feldenkrais and Irene Dowd, and explored with ‘emerging’ choreographers in New York City. He began making dance works while in residence at the Yard (on Martha’s Vineyard), which led him to leap… He now resides in Portland. Now he draws, makes jam, ‘digs’ paintings by Lucien Freud & J. Stillwell, and continues his explorations of cognitive extension, motion and recognizing and expressing just how connected we energies are.