Antler Necklace, Curated by Amber Vilas, November 5 – 28, 2009


Nichole van Beek is a New York-based artist who creates sculptures, installations, and paintings that bring together natural elements with pop culture references. Her artwork on display in Antler Necklace consists of a mixed-media installation of fanciful tools. Their construction materials include driftwood, used tape rolls, yarn, and handlebar grip-tape. They are displayed on the wall in a faux-archaeological-museum categorization of work. This clinical view of the sculptural artifacts adds to the humor of their hodgepodge construction.

Van Beek has been shown at galleries including, On Stellar Rays, New York; Geoffrey Young Gallery; Great Barrington, Mass.; Jeff Bailey Gallery, New York; Guild and Greyshkul, New York; Museum 52, New York; Gallery 1927, Los Angeles; and White Flag Projects. St. Louis, Mo. Her work has been exhibited in museums in California including the UCR/California Museum of Photography, Riverside; UCSB University Art Museum, Santa Barbara; and Cal-Poly Art Museum, San Luis Obispo. She received her MFA from the University of California Santa Barbara in 2007 and her BFA from the Cooper Union, New York, in 1998.