Many of my books and composite photographs are drawn from my collection of found images and videos gathered from Internet auction sites and forums, thrift stores, and relatives.

For example, since 2003, I have downloaded thousands of pictures of mirrors photographed by US eBay sellers. A mirror is a tricky object to document; it forms an image of anything placed in front of it. These photographs offer a way to look at how people approach the problem of the faithfully reflecting mirror, and how they frame things within the mirror.

Another collection of nightstand pictures offers a study of accidental still lifes. Accumulations of objects, books, phones, photos, lotion, water, dust show evidence of various human needs and obsessions.

My personal photographs, drawings and diagrams underscore my focus on intimate, domestic content. Working with either found or personal imagery, I consider the activity a form of gathering evidence. By paying attention and tinkering, I try to bring overlooked, everyday aspects of living into visibility.