Front Porch, July 2010


Landscape painting has historically helped clarify each generation’s understanding of Place. In other words, the social and political atmosphere is reflected in our art and the way in which we depict our world. This is a collection of paintings that work within this tradition. By meditating on a natural world through technological, mystical, and art-historical nods, I am reflecting a generation marked by the uncertainty and nostalgia brought on by globalization. The playful, magical, and emotional quality of this work helps to shed new light on what we call landscape painting.

My paintings are a discovery of an unforeseen sense of place and a questioning of perception. Though I am working within the grand tradition of landscape painting, there is a point where I draw out and highlight the material properties of paint through shifting its application.

I enjoy landscape painting because each piece can be full of personality and abundant with unforeseen opportunity. The subtle poetry, complicated color, and unique compositions make the process of painting exciting. My fascination with nature stems from an interest in contemporary film noir, literature on the woods, and research of natural phenomena. In my art practice, I find that chaos, awe and fear are revealed in ways I could not plan when I begin a piece.