:Shorn, +Projects, October 30, 2010


Kaj-anne Pepper (KP) is a Portland based dance-maker and multi-media performance artist. KP explores the spaces between sub-culture, ritual, gender and whimsical hyper-mobility with a raw in your face sensibility. As a dance-maker KP has shown work at TBA 09 for Ten Tiny Dances, NYC’s HOT! Festival of Queer Performing Arts, Performance Works NW’s Cabaret Boris and Natasha and Richard Foreman Mini-festival and The Mark Woolley Gallery. Recently KP collaborated with neo-classical man-band FourScore to choreograph Hildegard Von Bingen’s 12th century masterpiece “Ordo Virtutum”. KP first came to the performance scene as a gender-terrorist “drag-punk” in 2005 with the infamous drag troupe SISSYBOY and soon thereafter co-created The Genderfluids performing in clubs, streets, festivals and basements throughout PDX and beyond. As a dancer KP has had the pleasure to work with Linda Austin Dance, Mizu Desierto Butoh Theatre, Katrina Obrian +Co, Impetus Arts, Pant’s Off Productions, Tahni Holt and many others.