Children Get Stuck Places Underground, +Projects, June 25th & 26th, 2010


Bethany Ides makes work that interprets functions inherent to language. Ides’ solo, text-based video, performance and installation pieces have been presented at The Brooklyn Museum and PS122 in New York as well as in galleries across the Pacific Northwest. Her 2009 multi-phasic project, entitled APPROX L, was enacted incrementally before culminating as an expansive, 3-room treatise on the evasiveness of proper names (in particular: Lindsay) at Worksound Gallery in Portland, OR. Approximate L, a chapbook-length prose poem which initiated the project was published by Cosa Nostra Editions in 2009. As curator, Ides co-directed the Gilded Pony Performance Festival in Troy and Valley Falls, NY in 2006 and recently developed a program on radical nostalgia as part of the Alembic guest-curated series at Performance Works NW, called The Third Side. Ides served as founding editor of FO (A) RM, an interdisciplinary journal of arts and research throughout its run, from 2002 – 2006. Currently based in Brooklyn, NY, Ides (formerly Wright) is undertaking a screenplay based on childhood soap opera videos variously set in backyards, bedrooms and church sanctuaries.