Antler Necklace, Curated by Amber Vilas, November 5 – 28, 2009


French born, New York-based artist Antoine Catala first began experimenting with digital artifacts in 2003, through a technique that intentionally causes compression errors in digital video, which often plague satellite television, streaming internet videos and other digital environments. In his 2008 video installation, Couple in a Garden, a young couple stands in front of a wall covered in foliage, as the camera pans and zooms digital compression errors create streaks of distortions and color. The dissonance of the video’s music, composed by Olivier Alary, further heightens the disconnect between the figures and their environment.

Catala’s artwork has been shown in numerous national and international venues including, 179 Canal, New York; Tony Wight Gallery, Chicago; Mountain Fold, New York; Gallerie Cortex Athletico, Bordeaux, France; Café Gallery Projects, London; Karyn Lovegrove Gallery, Los Angeles; Galeria de Arte Mexicano, Mexico City, and in museums such as Musée d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris, France; Mattress Factory, Pittsburgh, Pa.; and PICA, Portland. In addition to making artwork, Catala has curated exhibitions at Taxter and Spengemann, New York; Galerie Christine Mayer, Munich; and Burger King, Ltd., London. He received his BA in Fine Art from London Guildhall University in 2001 and currently lives and works in Brooklyn.