Half/Dozen Presents Artur Silva

For Immediate Release


Artur Silva
March 3 – April 1, 2009

Contact: Timothy Mahan, Director, 503-816-6963 or tim@halfdozengallery.com

Artist Statement

I’m interested in the way people experience capitalism within different classes and groups in America, now and at other periods in history. My work is the result of my pursuit to understand, as an artist, these experiences as well as my own capitalist experience in America. I grew up in Brazil, but have lived my entire adult life in the United States. My curiosity about this subject, viewed through my cultural background, is the primary drive of this exploration.

I appropriate and modify images and sounds from mass media, and combine them with my own footage and photography to create videos and installations. These works explore advertising as a capitalistic tool to fuel consumerism. I’m interested in the way products are packaged, advertised and sold. The role that iconography plays in the oversimplified representation of cultures through images is also an area of interest. Through my work I explore my own struggle in a commodity-driven culture and how I negotiate my existence in this system.

Limited-Edition Print

Editions - 2009-03

Lincoln, edition of 50, 2009, c-print, 10 x 12 inches