So Domestic

November 4 – December 18, 2010

Opening Reception November 4th, 6pm-9pm

So Domestic is a slice of a broad body of paintings and drawings that explore the shifting and ambivalent nature of the home.

Both embracing and railing against the domestication of home life, this work struggles to find permanent residence. The American dream of owning a home is now an unlikely luxury for the working class; we rent instead of own, and speak of mobility as an asset and permanence as an anchor. Hottle presents the personal, romantic notion of a place beside its disheveled and bending reality, moving between the romantic and the mundane without deliberation.

Hottle’s work is part of a group of contemporary painters who are aiming to combine formal elements of modernism – color sensibilities, attention to surface and flatness, treating paintings as objects – with the technical and compositional structure of classical painting.  The work brings a sense of majesty and grandiosity to the contemporary, everyday world.

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