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Laura Mackin

Time Enough

January 6 – February 19, 2011

Opening Reception January 6th, 6pm-9pm

Time Enough explores a distant relative named Dean and his collection of home movies shot from 1946-2006. After months of sifting through 104 hours of Dean’s footage, Mackin began editing a series of short videos, trying to understand and reason about the materials at hand. Throughout the Dean series, Mackin is attempting to distill life-long phenomena into brief, precise and intense cinematic moments.

In 1962, Dean got a zoom lens. For the video titled Zoom, Mackin chronologically stitched together all footage involving a zoom movement. Shown in fast motion, this piece produces a fast-paced and highly fragmented narrative of Dean’s life from 1962-2006. This is just one example of how Mackin’s work explores how Dean persistently recorded 60 years of his everyday experiences, capturing his entire life cycle.

This project is supported by a Community Arts Assistance Program grant from the City of Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs and Illinois Arts Council, a state agency.

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Grant Hottle

So Domestic

November 4 – December 18, 2010

Opening Reception November 4th, 6pm-9pm

So Domestic is a slice of a broad body of paintings and drawings that explore the shifting and ambivalent nature of the home.

Both embracing and railing against the domestication of home life, this work struggles to find permanent residence. The American dream of owning a home is now an unlikely luxury for the working class; we rent instead of own, and speak of mobility as an asset and permanence as an anchor. Hottle presents the personal, romantic notion of a place beside its disheveled and bending reality, moving between the romantic and the mundane without deliberation.

Hottle’s work is part of a group of contemporary painters who are aiming to combine formal elements of modernism – color sensibilities, attention to surface and flatness, treating paintings as objects – with the technical and compositional structure of classical painting.  The work brings a sense of majesty and grandiosity to the contemporary, everyday world.

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Lisa Kowalski

Into the Brilliance

September 2 – October 23, 2010

Opening Reception September 2nd, 6pm – 9pm

Half/Dozen is pleased to present Into the Brilliance by artist Lisa Kowalski. This new body of work explodes with bold colors and an intuitive sense of tension and composition. The large and small scale wet-on-wet oil paintings signal back to the Abstract Expressionism of the 40s-50s with gestural abstractions and uncalculated marks.

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Calvin Ross Carl

Purple Mountain Majesty

July 1 – August 21, 2010

Opening Reception July 1st, 6pm-9pm

Purple Mountain Majesty seeks logical and structured interpretations of a world identified as unstable.

The transformation of workplace ordinance into formalist trope, places all the paranoia of being a worker, such as economic concerns and being under-appreciated, onto the same playing field as the pride associated with past aesthetic ideals of transcendence and progression through structure.

The enamel paint used on the objects in Purple Mountain Majesty are American government ordained colors designating hazardous areas in the workplace. Yellow and black is a physical hazard, blue and white is a water hazard, yellow and magenta is a radioactive hazard, etc.

Here, formalist aesthetics serve as an allegory for the oppressive, dehumanizing nature of the workplace and its economic woes. Meanwhile, utilitarian goods act as reminders of the individual worker’s effort and our modern American landscape. With common construction materials, brand names, and the handmade, my work seeks to establish a uniform cultural value between labor, leisure, and domesticity.

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Artur Silva

Tonight Half/Dozen is pleased to open “Fliperama Rhapsody”. Artur Silva’s Fliperama Rhapsody, is the title of his video and installation created for this exhibit. The video is a collaboration between Artur Silva and Mariana Malanconi. Through the installation of the same name, the artist satirizes the concept of recreating an experience purely for the nostalgic effect. The dilettante enthusiasm with the sensorial experience becomes a marquee to the artist’s early psychological and capitalistic experiences with entertainment.

FOG: A Spring Group Show

Half/Dozen Gallery opens FOG: a spring group show. With a diverse group of artists from around the country who comprise the H/D artist roster. A fog-laden photo by Lisa Berry (the show’s namesake), the repurposed home videos of Laura Mackin and the playful use of interior/exterior spaces by Grant Hottle all welcome the new season with hesitant, but open arms. Whether it is the vaguely familiar mountains mirrored in new work by Calvin Ross Carl, the scribbled paint strokes by Lisa Kowalski, or the playful assemblage by Artur Silva, this show will make you want to go outside and breath a chest full of fresh air. John Berry’s subtly crafted linocut may be the quiet kid in the corner not yet ready to venture out and greet the season. This exhibition open till May 1st 2010.

The Quadratic Logogram of Almost Everything

John Berry

Half/Dozen Gallery presents Level 1: Stage 1 by John Berry. Berry comments on ideas of ambition, isolation, illusionary spaces and transcendence. The work draws on imagery from pre-renaissance landscapes, where space is determined more through the relationship of color and shapes than through volumetric forms. Berry integrates this with puzzles, mazes, forts and 8-bit video games, such as Super Mario Brothers and the original Zelda for Nintendo. This exhibition will run through January 30th.