Purple Mountain Majesty

July 1 – August 21, 2010

Opening Reception July 1st, 6pm-9pm

Purple Mountain Majesty seeks logical and structured interpretations of a world identified as unstable.

The transformation of workplace ordinance into formalist trope, places all the paranoia of being a worker, such as economic concerns and being under-appreciated, onto the same playing field as the pride associated with past aesthetic ideals of transcendence and progression through structure.

The enamel paint used on the objects in Purple Mountain Majesty are American government ordained colors designating hazardous areas in the workplace. Yellow and black is a physical hazard, blue and white is a water hazard, yellow and magenta is a radioactive hazard, etc.

Here, formalist aesthetics serve as an allegory for the oppressive, dehumanizing nature of the workplace and its economic woes. Meanwhile, utilitarian goods act as reminders of the individual worker’s effort and our modern American landscape. With common construction materials, brand names, and the handmade, my work seeks to establish a uniform cultural value between labor, leisure, and domesticity.

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